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    Team AboutCoders

    Working with you from Berlin, Warsaw and Barcelona

    The help you need to get those web projects done!

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    Distributed web development for your company

How we develop Core features of our work.

Feature 1

Care Driven Development

We aim to follow the best code quality guidelines, like TDD, BDD, DDD and so on, although we believe the most important technique is to really care about the quality of the code you are producing.

Feature 3

Agile mindset

Lean startup guidelines are proven to provide us and our customers the best agile mindset and results. Produce a minimum marketable product in quick iterations, incorporating end-user feedback is our "secret" sauce.

Feature 2

Transparency and communication

Applying the underlying concepts from agile frameworks, we provide tools for our customers to visualize, manage and provide real time feedback in everything we are doing in daily basis.

Feature 4

Quality is in the process

Taking care of the development processes, incorporating the quality metrics all along the software lifecycle has became a must in our tasks. Quality is not at the end of the chain, it is another ingredient of every task.

Companies we've been helping to deliver value (and having fun at the same time)

PayPal Deutschland
PayPal Deutschland (Berlin)
King Berlin
King (Berlin)
Rocket Internet
Rocket Internet (Berlin)
Funke Digital TV Guide
FUNKE Digital TV Guide (Berlin)
Axel Springer SE
Axel Springer SE (Berlin)
OSEC (Warsaw)
OSEC (Warsaw)
XTB (Warsaw)
XTB (Warsaw)
Softonic (Barcelona)
Softonic (Barcelona)